Free Shipping on all Orders over $50+. No free shipping for “Vape” items.

Free Shipping on all Orders over $50+.
No free shipping for “Vape” items.
mixed powder extracts

Super Antioxidant Tablets

We love CBD and it is a miracle for so many people, it has changed our lives. But it is not a replacement for a well rounded routine with a wide variety of modalities. This

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PACT ACT Hemp Vape = Tobacco

Unfortunately it has come to our attention the PACT act is going to be a great disruption. We are currently evaluating our options but it seems like we may no longer be able to ship

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vape cartridges laid over a bed of juniper

What makes our Vape Cartridges Special

The Problems with CBD Vape Cartridges CBD tends to precipitate from solutions at above 40% concentration. This made it very hard to create high potency vape cartridges. Most companies settled for making very weak cartridges

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anandamide endocannabinoid neurons

Introducing Enhancers by The Remedy

Enhancers by The Remedy Modify your cannabis effects We are really excited to announce the start of our line of cannabinoid enhancer products. Starting with… Big surprise…. The Cannabinoid Enhancer capsules. The idea behind the

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The Founders Story

My family owned a pharmacy in West Haven Connecticut for generations. Coming from a long line of pharmacists, Doctors, Nurses and other medical related professions, conversation on the holidays was often around health and medicine.

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