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Are amazing,CBD calms me down and helps me sleep.the remedy's service as a whole has been a plus plus!!!

Full spectrum tincture 1000mg

I have tried several brands of CBD oil and have found Remedy to be the most helpful --- I suffer from an auto immune disease and the CBD oil helps me face the day with less pain--- George has been very helpful answering my questions and guiding me to the right products.


This CBD product allows me to sleep through the night. It’s great!

Elevate CBD, CBG, and CBC Vape Cartridge
Victoria A.Victoria Aschv
Awesome Experience

I enjoy calling in to order. My 1st time I called, I spoke with the owner Alex he was very informative
& patient.The 2nd time I called I spoke with George and found him extremely knowledgeable and friendly and patient.
I’m a loyal customer.
The products are high quality and my orders always are correct.

Ario Simple Squared Vape Battery
Victoria A.Victoria Aschv
Awesom place

I’m very impressed by the Awesome service.
George, helped me ordering. He was extremely patient and knowledgeable about the products. Oh and love the products.

Must use a hairdryer, but it’s worth it

The liquid in this cartridge was crystallized when it arrived, and it was difficult to vape a first. However, even then, it tasted amazing, and after a few vape pulls I literally felt a “buzzing”. It was amazing. I reread the description and it suggests using a hairdryer to make the crystals liquid again. It’s tedious, but worth it. I have tried other CBD+CBG ejuices and cartridges, but this was by far the best. The crystallization is evidence of how pure the CBD and CBG are in this cartridge.

New favorite for Nighttime

I’ve been taking 1-2 squares at night as needed for anti-anxiety. These have become my new favorite! No aftertaste of hemp either. Highly recommend these chocolate bars!!


This chocolate bar was so calming. I added 2 squares to my nightly medication routine (usually vaping cannabis) and the effects were great! Very calming and helped me fall asleep. The taste is great also!!

Sleep CBD and CBN

So good! Thank you!

Relief CBD, CBG and CBN Vape Cartridge

Elevate CBD, CBG, and CBC Vape Cartridge

Pet Tincture 500mg
Stephen Houzego
Pet Tincture

My dog is showing signs of improvement. It’s only been a few weeks so I’m going to continue giving it to him and hope his mobility continues to increase

Calm Mouth Spray CBD with CBG
Danielle Lawlor

Your Calm tablets are wonderful. I can relax in the evening and when combined with Sleep tablets and a hit of Relief Vape "Juice" I get a nice calm body and a long sleep with no pain from muscle spasms. Truly a godsend! I never thought I'd be a CBD user, but I am a believer in your products. I've tried other products from other places and they do not have the quality or the passion behind their products like yours do. I truly enjoy shopping with you. The staff is knowledgeable and they believe in the products they are selling. Rare in today's marketplace. Keep up the good work!

Sleep cart

NAD+ Nasal Spray
sam mitchell
low energy and mitochondrial issues

I've weird headaches when I am in certain buildings. It has stopped now that Ive been taking the NAD spray remedy. Very good customer service! Were very responsive when my remedy took along to arrive in Canada.

Great product

Noticeable benefits. I like the ceramic and bamboo packaging as well. Will purchase again!

As Expected

I have been looking for a quality CBG cartridge and was more than happy to find the CBG/CBD Full Spectrum. I have severe arthritis and joint pain as well as nausea and troubles with mood. I have found a medicine that hits where I need it. A puff right out if bed allows me to stretch and start my day right. 5 stars!!

CBD and CBN Vape Cartridge

Great for helping me get to sleep at night!

CBD Chocolate Bar 100mg
Jonathan Lewis

CBD Chocolate Bar 100mg

Vape Sleep Set
Callie McCool
Sleeping so good 😃

Thanks guys! My sleep concoction is amazing!

Nighttime Gummies 250mg
Jonathan Lewis
Love these gummies

Really work…and taste good too!

THC content is higher than expected. Burned and smelled of THC.

Had wanted CBD/CBN cartridge only.

Resveratrol Longevity Formula
Review on NAD, CBD Sleepy Gummies & Resveratrol

I learned about NAD from a speaker at the Freedom Festival in South Dakota who was giving a talk on staying young. She had claimed that NAD was one of the most important things she had found to do this. She also said to be sure to get the NAD in the nose spray and preferably from Remedy. I absolutely love it and have noticed a difference in my vitality. I have also really loved the CBD sleep gummies. They work fantastic and I wake up very refreshed.

So good

The secret key to sleep I’ve been searching for. Full THC weed is too strong for me, this cbn vape SLAPS. I have to be laying down when I smoke it cause I will be passed tf out within the hour. Thankyou!

Cannabinoid Enhancer Capsules