Great battery with twice the capacity of the standard batteries. Lasts all day, charges fast.

This battery is nearly twice the capacity of our previous batteries. You can push the button to activate or just hit the cartridge and let it auto-draw. Never deal with your vape rolling off the table and breaking on the ground with this square shaped battery. Just two clicks to turn on and it will automatically start to preheat so you get a great hit every time even with the Delta8. You can hit your cartridge all day long without having to charge. Comes with the micro usb needed to charge. Charges very quickly and lasts surprisingly long. No need to mess around with variable voltage – these batteries are set at that the perfect voltage by default.

If purchasing with 1g vape cartridges or with sampler packs use the code “Battery pack” to get 25% off your battery for the starter pack.

For People Experiencing:

Square Battery


2-Click On/Off



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