CBD Distillate, CBG Distillate, Limonene, Pinene, Beta-Caryophyllene in a CCELL vape cartridge

For People Experiencing:


Mood Issues


Ingredients: 85% CBD and 15% CBG


Cannabigerol (CBG)

Known as the mother of all cannabinoids when in its acidic form



Potent anti-inflammatory
Helps with focus

How to Use


Our Calm vape cartridge is great for achieving better focus.  CBD helps to relieve pain and anxiety.  CBG is useful for pain and anxiety, but also offers increased cognitive benefits.

For Mood

Start with 1-2 hits, if effects are not satisfactory within 15 minutes try another 1-2 hits. You might want to try splitting up your dose throughout the day. Depending on your endocannabinoid system you could need anywhere from 2-10 hits or more per day.


Generally pain requires larger doses and potentially dosing more often as well. Try 2-4 hits in the morning and  wait 15 minutes. Your pain might not completely go away, but it might be more bearable. You should feel the tension release as the inflammation reduces. Try another dose as needed.

Pair with One of These for Even Better Results

For Stress Combine Calm with...

Calm Tincture – Additional CBD and CBG delivered to your system for longer lasting results.

Or if vape isn’t your thing..

Relax Capsules – Our herbal blend to help reduce stress can be combined with Calm Vape to help settle down the most intense episodes.

For Mood Combine Calm with...

Lucid – This herbal blend not only helps with focus but also all cognition. Thats right, a brain functioning better is going to help your mood.


Sundrops – Vitamin D3, K2 and A with our absorption enhancing complex. These are critical vitamins for overall health. You bet they will make a massive difference in your mood.

For Pain Combine Calm with...

Anti-inflame – Capsules containing our superstar ingredients for reducing inflammation, mitigating pain and aiding in the healing process.


Soothing Butter – Featuring RSO, so it utilizes the widest array of compounds contained in hemp. This topical can help reduce local pain. So if your dealing with an injury this combination might be for you.

Ingredients: 85% CBD and 15% CBG


15% CBG

CBG is known as the “mother of all cannabinoids” because it is the first to form on the hemp plant and is then converted into all other cannabinoids. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial. CBD is also fantastic food anxiety and mood. We find that it really clears the pallet of our mind, helping us to center our consciousness on the task at hand. 

85% CBD

The CBD distillate we use is extracted through a CO2 process. This allows all the terpenes and a wide variety of minor cannabinoids from the same source to create the fullest possible spectrum. This oil is fragrant and citrus and gassy notes due to the preserved hemp terpenes. It is generally around 75% CBD and 10% minor cannabinoids making it some of the most diverse of distillates. This is just one of the reasons our products are so potent and effective. It starts with each ingredient being whole in and of itself high quality and highly robust. CBD is fantastic for anxiety, stress, inflammation and pain, relaxing soft tissue. CBD works by a number of mechanisms but actually only has minor affinity for the cannabinoid receptors antagonizing CB1 activity. This is most likely how it modulates the effects of THC and reduces its unwanted side effects. CBD also reduces cellular uptake of anandamide and catabolism through FAAH. This is one of our main focuses on the benefits of CBD and partly how we have developed our enhancers. 

CBC oil

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