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The Calm Tincture is ideal for high stress lifestyles. If you have a jam packed day of non-stop work and your mind just wont quit nagging, the calm tincture will see you through. It can help clear the pallet of your mind. When the pallet of your ind clears you can focus on the task at hand. It blends 1000mg of full spectrum CBD, including some CBC, CBN and more, with 500mg of CBG. The combination of CBD and CBG drastically increases the anti-inflammatory effect and the mind-clearing benefits. You’ll feel brain-fog evaporate, get the worries off your mind and start taking back control of your mind. It is finished with a delicious and medicinal Co2 Extracted Ginger extract. It is standardized for shogaols, which are medicinal components of ginger rich create the rich taste and aroma of a freshly brewed cup of ginger tea, smooth and complex. Calm can help not only quiet your mind, but also soothe your stomach and digestive tract. CBG and ginger are both fantastic for belly and bowel issues. Best for focus when combined with our Lucid Capsules and Cannabinoid Enhancer Capsules, or get all Three in our Focus Set.  Shop or learn even more over here. Get a single dose serving of this tincture here.

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Our Sleep Tincture contains 1000mg of full spectrum CBD as well as 500mg of CBN. The CBD and CBN combination si well known for inducing a deep restful sleep without interruptions. This tincture is complete with lavender oil to add a variety of relaxing terpenes to make it even more effective. Every ingredient in this tincture is working together to increase the potency of the cannabinoids and ensure you have the best sleep of your life. Take 30-45 minutes before going to bed and let all the racing thoughts, restless body parts and tossing and turning go. Best combined with our Vegan Slumber Powder and Relax Capsules, get all three combined in our Sleep Tincture Set. Shop or learn even more over here. Get a single dose sample here.

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Elevate is one of our more advanced blends of cannabinoids featuring CBD, CBG and CBC. The CBC adds a mood uplifting effect. From this the CBD and CBG are greatly enhanced. Great for focus as well as mood. People also use this tincture often for inflammation. 1000mg of CBD, 500mg of CBG and 500mg of CBC makes for a wide variety of cannabinoids all providing an array of benefits. Kiss your stress goodbye with this formula. Each dropper packs a 72mg dosage so it is sure to be effective even for more serious symptoms. This tincture will last a long time and help you save if you even only require a smaller dose than the recommended one. Shop or learn even more over here. Get a single dose sample of this tincture here.

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This is our most potent specialty tincture to date. It combines CBD and CBDa from the same source together for potent entourage effects and complete utilization throughout the body. CBDa actually absorbs faster than CBD and primes the body for its use. It also travels to different tissues than CBD does and can therefore provide relief to different areas. CBG can help massively in reducing inflammation while CBN is the most effective at interacting the pain sensing receptor to reduce their sensitivity and therefor reduce pain. This tincture will bring fast relief that will last for hours. Each Dropper packs a 107mg dosage plenty for even some of the worst symptoms. Especially so when you combine all these cannabinoids together with our signature entourage enhancing blend. CBD Shop or learn even more over here. Get a single dose sample of this tincture here.

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The Remedy Tinctures are packed with active medicinal components from the ground up. Even the carrier oil is medicinal featuring the freshest, most extra virgin olive oil, directly from Greece from our friends at Papa Spyro’s. Olive oil also contains Oleic acid well known to aid in healthy aging, see more about that here. Each of our tinctures contains our Remedy Enhancement Extract blend. We utilize cannabimimetics which are compounds that act on the endocannabinoid system but are not found in cannabis to extend the entourage effect beyond what hemp could do alone. This includes a CO2 Black Pepper Extract containing Piperine, well known for it’s absorption enhancing effects, but lesser known is guineensine a novel endocannabinoid re-uptake inhibitor. We use sunflower lecithin which helps oils to bind with and permeate the gut lining, maximizing absorption. The blend of extracts includes a Cinnamon CO2 Extract, not only does Cinnamaldehyde aid in glucose metabolism to lower blood sugar, but it also helps with lipid metabolism which can positively impact cannabinoid absorption. Birch oil contains natural salicylates which are the natural form aspirin is derived from, powerful anti-inflammatory effects and delicious flavor. Peppermint oil we use to relax soft tissue, increase circulation and therefore penetration of cannabinoids through the circulatory system. These are just the special additives we use to increase the effectiveness of the main ingredients, the cannabinoids! That is how much we care about adding value. Last but not least we have the highest quality CBD extract, a gentle CO2 process which preserves the terpenes so it smells and tastes great even without our spice extracts added. Each one of our tincture ingredients would make a stupendous health product all on its own. We know it is a lot of information to take in and can be overwhelming, but we would love for you to appreciate the breadth of our research, consideration and value. 

Black Pepper The Remedy Co.

Co2 Extracted Black Pepper is the backbone of our entourage blend 

It features 50% Piperine which is well known for it’s ability to enhance absorption of nutrients usually with curcumin specifically. 

It also contains Guineensine which is an endocannabinoid re-uptake inhibitor and will allow CBD to work more effectively to upregulate endocannabinoid system activity.

This extract alone has helped our tinctures onset time to be reduced by 4x, duration extended 2x and the effectiveness per mg 30% superior. 

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Our sunflower lecithin is able to help bind oil to water. Cannabinoids are very hydrophobic, meaning it will jump back and reject the water if every exposed. 

Your body is mostly comprised of water, all your cell walls contain phospholipids in order to separate the water filled cells from each other. 

Lecithin has been documented many times to aid in lipid digestion and absorption to allow it to better penetrate the gut lining and diffuse into the bloodstream and body. 


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 The Remedy Co.

Cinnamon not only tastes great but it also helps with lipid metabolism. Our tincture is comprised of a wide variety of lipids which require metabolism to be absorbed. 

Cinnamon also helps to modulate blood sugar metabolism and therefor helps to maintain a stable level of blood sugar which is desirable for mood, longevity, focus and more. 

Cinnamon contains a wide variety of terpenes which are unique to it alone. Terpenes are precursors to hormones and convey a wide variety of beneficial effects throughout the body. This Co2 extract is the highest quality, rich and complex in its constituents but gently extracted to protect and preserve.


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Birch oil contains salicin which is a family of powerful anti-inflammatory compounds.

This extract tastes delicious and also harnesses the same compounds which aspirin modified from. So similar benefits but with less of the deficits. 

Birch oil provides a wide variety of terpenes which are unique to only this bark. Flavor agents are often the conveyers of unique health benefits, which is why we are naturally drawn to them.


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Birch The Remedy Co.

Peppermint helps to relax smooth muscle tissue, this can help with pain, bloodflow and therefor the dispersing of CBD.  

It is well established that peppermint enhances energy, focus and even things like force output and grip strength. So peppermint can help you perform better. 

Peppermint can also help bring GI relief to the digestive tract and soothe upset stomachs. 


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Our olive oil is always the first of the season to go to press. The farm we work with in Greece is the first to press of all the farms each season. This means it is the most packed with antioxidants and polyphenols.

Oleic acid, which makes up 80% of the lipids in olive oil, is well known to aid in activating longevity epigenetic pathways. It also has been found to have cannabimimetic effects, so it actually engages with the endocannabinoid system directly.

This oil is as fresh and gently extracted as any every could be. You’ve never had an olive oil like this. This olive oil is medicinal, grown and extracted specifically for its health maintaining properties.

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