We love CBD and it is a miracle for so many people, it has changed our lives. But it is not a replacement for a well rounded routine with a wide variety of modalities. This is why we offer a wide girth of herbal extracts, nutritional supplements as well as advice on simple additions to a routine that can make all the difference. CBD is amazing for a wider variety of issues that anyone images or expects, and you feel it with each use, that is a quality we intend to continue into the rest of our product line. You will feel it, if you take enough you will feel it upon first use. We also want to continue with offering extracts and compounds which emulate the Swiss army knife that is CBD. By that we mean they are beneficial not only for what you expect and want but countless other things as well, so much that often the seem hard to believe. Combining CBD with similarly potent and effective compounds can really catapult your regiment into a whole new strata of effect. Come with us on a journey of health self discovery and feel for yourself the difference a little extra can make. 


The Swiss Army Knives of Health

We are constantly researching and experimenting. We tear through research articles, medical journals, podcasts, lectures and books to find the most effect ingredients. There are some that just keep coming up and cannot be ignored. We try them they end up being good for things we never expecting along with all of the well reputed long-term benefits. We have sifted through all the research, tested samples from all the manufacturers and extractors until we found what makes our brains light up and skin glow. 


An evolutionary psychologist studying attraction once said that people are naturally interested in others who have a slight orange glow to their skin. People spend thousands of dollars on fake tanners, tanning beds, and risk skin cancer tanning excessively outside to take advantage of this fact. This professor suggested that the reason was actually due to carotenoids built up in tissues which will give skin a darker patina and this is because these stored carotenoids are actually an evolutionary signifier of health, vitality and therefore viability. Not only will they give you a tan look but they will also protect your skin from UV damage when sufficient levels are reached in tissues. Most people are familiar with beta-carotene in carrots. But most people don’t realize that is but one carotenoid and there are many more potent ones, like lutein and zeaxanthin from marigolds, lycopene from tomatoes and astaxanthin from the micro-algae Haematococcus pluvialis.



Astaxanthin is the most potent of the carotenoids. It starts in seaborne micro-algae and is passed throughout the marine ecosystem. From krill, to cod, to salmon, shrimp, lobsters and flamingos, all are colored and protected by this potent pigment. It actually wraps around your cells to protect them from UV damage. If nature is to be the example then this compound was meant to be passed around and ingested exogenously. It’s benefits are far reaching and significant without any downsides, which is just how we like it at the remedy. 

We have included our astaxanthin with a variety of other carotenoids in our ReGen Tablets formula. We called it ReGen because these carotenoids can actually protect your genes from damaging free radicals. These potent pigments are well established from improving such a wide variety of biomarkers for good health they cannot be ignored. From cardiovascular protective effects, to immuno-modulation, the modulation of blood sugar and restoration of insulin sensitivity. When we take the ReGen tablets we feel uplifted and clear headed, they help us focus and get rid of brain fog. Carotenoids are also oil soluble, making them a fantastic addition to your CBD regiment, more oil based ingredients are going to absorb better together! You will feel a huge difference with our ReGen formula and you’ll never look back. You can get it here

resveratrol pterostilbene

Potent Polyphenols: Reseveratrol & Pterostilbene

Resveratrol is a polyphenol from grapeskins and what makes red wine beneficial. You would have to drink an entire bottle of red wine to get a serving so supplementation is certainly superior. Pterostilbene is a polyphenol from blueberry which is more potent, better absorbed and superior at crossing the blood brain barrier. 

These potent antioxidant polyphonols are lauded within the anti-aging/biohacking community for their ability to promote healthy aging. They are also known as “exercise-mimetics” meaning they can provide similar benefits that regular physical activity does. This includes insulin sensitivity and glucose utilization, which has potential for helping with pre-diabetic markers. These stilbenoids have many beneficial effects on metabolic health, it can increase the function of mitochondria and therefore help provide an energy boost. They also have neuro-protective effects which can help with cognition and reducing chances of altzheimer’s and dementia. Finally they are highly potentiating to the NAD+ Nasal spray so we recommend taking them together for best results. We have combined pterostilbene with a 10:1 blueberry extract to create full spectrum blueberry tablets which will be much better absorbed than a single isolated extract. Our resveratrol comes from japanese knotweed, we use a 50% resveratrol extract so you get a variety of polyphenols from the knotweed plant which will make it less abrasive, better absorbed and utilized by the body. 

Stay Tuned for More: Super Turmeric!

We have an exciting new product on the way, not quite ready yet. We are combining all the most medicinal extracts of turmeric together. Curcumin is well known extract of turmeric, but there are actually a multitude of curcuminoids and and even more metabolites created after ingestion. The issue is curcumin is normally poorly absorbed an so having a proper formulation is critical. Some supplements use black pepper, or piperine to aid in absorption. Some use phospholipids such as lecithin, micelles, liposomes or phytosomes, these are unique oils which can bind simultaneously to oil and water. Your body is mostly water and the ingredient is oil and so they help unite the poorly absorbed ingredient with your intestinal lining for easy absorption. There is also some research which indicates that turmerones which are part of the volatile oil component of turmeric is instrumental for mobilizing curcumin through the gut lining (See that research here). We are going to combine all three methods of absorption enhancement into our curcumin supplement so that there is no stone left unturned. We always want to offer the best and we are so excited to introduce this product and see how much benefit it provides you all. 

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