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CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC Vape Cartridges – 4 Pack Sampler The Remedy Co.


     These efforts are experienced in the most pronounced way through our tinctures. Including our full spectrum CBD line, Specialty tinctures such as CalmSleep, or Relief. We spent years developing our vape product line. From CBD vapes, to CBGCBNCBC and beyond always seeking to diversify our offering and add more value. 

     The Remedy never uses “crystal resistant distillates” diluents to thin our CBD or any other means of eliminating CBDs crystallization issues. We spent our time figuring out how to create a stable CBD extract which maintained a thick oil consistency even at 80%+ concentrations, because we would never settle for anything but the best, as users, and as formulators.

     If you want to explore some of these CBD vape cartridges check them out here. Ok, enough tooting out own horns over the crown jewels of our cannabinoid formulating achievements. Despite all of this hard work in the hemp/cannabis space we see that is a very small part of the overall picture. Yes cannabis is a remarkable plant with an incredibly versatile application from medicinal to building material, but there is a whole world of botanics out there.

Experience the Full Spectrum

     We know the CBD space is getting pretty clogged with companies. It’s exhausting sifting through the litany of endless CBD products which all appear the same few ingredients. They have slight variations in concentration and pricing and a whole lot of promises. We sought out to do something different. 

     Even 4 years ago it was obvious that the industry was lacking in creativity. There were straight up scams, not even following through on the bear minimum promises of their packaging. Then there was the companies just following through with their claimed contents. 

     Although these companies which followed through with the claimed contents of their products quickly arose to vast acclaim, it never impressed us very much. That is a bear minimum achievement, and it’s sad the industry has such low expectations. We aimed to set a new standard within the industry. 

We don't follow the lazy strategy

 Following suite and sticking to the mold of the tried and true formulas is how the market currently works. We utilized our understanding of the endo-cannabinoid system, herbalism and the existing body of scientific research. And we created a product line which is far beyond that which existed before. We employed the entourage effect via a multitude of cannabinoids and terpenes. Also, with cannabimimetics, we were able to create the most robust impact on the endo-cannabinoid system naturally possible.

A Whole Botanical World to Explore and Experiment With

     Even within our existing hemp product line we worked hard to enhance those cannabinoids with the potent power of many other existing compounds which will compound to maximize the benefits of our products. We also fully acknowledge that hemp and its actives are just a small part of the picture when it comes to a healthy lifestyle and combating chronic disease. 

     We think it is entirely disingenuous marketing to make any single compound, plant or combination thereof out to be the THE BEST, MOST EFFECTIVE, LAST SUPPLEMENT YOU’LL EVER NEED. Any statements like this you can basically guarantee to be totally hyperbolic. Any plant medicine is but a piece of a complete regiment. We want to provide the most robust offering of products that provide comprehensive solutions to a lot of the common symptoms our customers suffer from.

Is CBD and CBN all you need?

To think that CBD and CBN are the be all end all of sleep remedies is a really silly notion. We firmly believe every regiment needs to be switched up periodically and sometimes our bodies change, adapt and our strategies for achieving desirable effects need to evolve with it. This is why we have more than 3 different sleep products and we are developing more as you read this. We have our cannabinoid solutions like our sleep vape, the herbal aid: Relax capsules, and our nutritional option the Slumber Powder

     These run the gambit of variety which could be missing from your existing regiment. Having these options allows you to cycle between various effective methods of achieving the same effect and therefore eliminate the possibility of reduced effectiveness from overuse. Sometimes the various active ingredients are effective due to different mechanisms and thus when combined can be promoting the same effect by different means multiplying their benefit. 

     We never want to act like one single thing is the silver bullet and always want to offer the most potent and effective variety, educating the customers so they can make the best possible choices for themselves. This can make things a little more confusing or overwhelming but after some introduction we promise it will generate the most benefit in the long-term. 

But we know how to bring it back to balance

  There is a happy medium between brewing a nasty root at home and having to taste some dirt like water without knowing how much active ingredient is contained within or how much to apply and taking a completely synthetic chemical which can disrupt your bodies natural processes in a way which may cause more harm than good. We seek to find that happy medium and we think it is with gentle extraction and maybe a little refinement of the desirable active ingredients.

     This can be done in one or two steps and then tested so that the user is completely aware of the dosage and has a good idea about how to use the actual product. Most importantly standardizing active ingredients allows us formulators to know exactly how much is needed to make a potent and effective product for you. Now where it gets tricky is understanding how the active ingredient works so that we can combine it with others in order to make it even more effective. 

Pharma has gone too Far

     We see the pharmaceutical industry in general as taking things too far in the synthetic analogue direction for the sake of patents and profit. This has born harmful results which are constantly being hidden from view through media largely being funded by big-pharma. You can see the evidence of this from the simple overuse of NSAIDs and the destruction of patients livers which have ensued. 

     People often come to use unable to take any more Tylenol or ibuprofen and they don’t know where to turn for relief. The traditional medical system has turned their backs on these poor patients. Luckily CBD has more potent anti-inflammatory effect and actually reduces the liver toxicity of these drugs and will be protective to the liver if taken without them. 

     About 80% of the drugs created by big-pharma all come from some botanical source originally. You can see an article on some of the most prescribed medications and their natural counterparts here. The compounds are extracted, studied and then made into synthetic analogues in order to “increase they potency and effectiveness.” But we all know these analogues mostly serve the companies who rake in major profits from their patents. 

Are Synthetics Safe?

 These synthetic analogues come with more risks then their natural counterparts and are marginally more effective. Often the studies use statistical analysis and other manipulative techniques to twist the numbers in order to serve their purposes when the drugs either perform equally well to placebo or their natural counterparts. This might be helpful in an acute case where a patient needs something to quickly and super potently make a drastic change in their body. 

     Yet there is little or no studies on long-term use of most of these drugs so their chronic use is a completely novel experiment being done on the public. We think the natural version used for thousands of years safely and effectively are preferable for long-term use and potentially in acute cases as well depending on where your priorities lay. It is a fairly simple process of walking back the extraction, refinement, isolation and alteration of these natural botanicals. 

We want to replace the pharmacy item by item

     Pharmacies these days are packed with goods. Each section of the isle has a dozen of each type of product it’s very confusing. The more we learn about natural health the more we can spot toxic ingredients or more potentially harmful synthetic actives when the simple botanical extract in its original form would due just fine. Offering you a dozen of each product type with little to no variation between them so you either stand there for 10 minutes in indecision or choose something randomly. 

     We want to offer you 1-3 options for each use case. Always with the highest quality possible ingredients. If it is offered by The Remedy Co. then you know it is safe, effective and natural. We want to create a product for every last need you might usually turn to your local pharmacy for, but the natural way. When products are made the traditional way, the way which aligns with nature and does not pretend to know better than it, proper healing can occur with little no side effects or risk.

Safe or Effective, Should we have to Choose?

  There is no reason to have to choose between safe and effective. Nature has been helping us heal for hundreds of thousands of years. You should not have to squint at tiny font meant to hide ingredients from you in order to discern if there is something harmful in a product. We want to be able to answer the hard questions, at a pharmacy you’d be hard pressed to get someone to explain the ingredients within a salve they offer, let alone even know what the ingredient is in the first place. 

     But unfortunately it is a safe bet that most things in the contemporary western pharmacy contain something harmful and unnecessary that we would all rather it didn’t whether we know it or not. Redoing all these products, creating something you can feel totally confident in using, that is even more effective than the stuff you would find on the shelf at your local pharmacy. We’ll stop at nothing to one by one recreate each and every item who has a valuable use-case in the pharmacy until we have enough to have a solution to any and every health issue. 

We want to create a healthcare system - as opposed to our "sick care" system

     We are going to start opening store after store to spread our brand and education about how to create long lasting health. Currently, we working on opening our cultured cafe location. Check out the cultured cafe here. This will be our expose into healthy eating. We are going to offer fermented foods and only the healthiest food options mostly from local farms. 

     Once we have the cultured cafe formatting down we will open more of them. The next will be a med-spa type store with accupuncture, chiropractors, massage therapists, red light therapy, sauna, cold baths and other body work and physical modalities. We would also like to open gyms as well where instructors can take people through exercises that will increase mobility, strengthen joints and enable functional strength deep into old age. Much in the way Ben “Knees over Toes Guy” Patrick with his ATG program is doing currently.

How we'll bring it further

We will also be incorporating naturopaths, functional medicine doctors, physiotherapists and other practitioners who’s understandings of the body and healing it align with ours and have withstood the test of time for countless generations. These will be practitioners we have vetted and trust, who’s educations involve observing nature and utilizing it, working within the existing systems not against them. 

     They utilize specific tests before making determinations unlike conventional medicine’s spray-and-pray turnkey prescribing models. You want a doctor who is going to ask you about your sleep habits, the food you eat and other lifestyle factors before jumping to any conclusion. 

     Hopefully if you already a customer of ours you have done a great job at managing the top lifestyle factors with our help. But if something comes up which is more serious, we will have someone we can refer you to who can help you develop a more specific health protocol for your emerging needs. 

The final step - Preventative Health Insurance

     Rather than sick insurance, or catastrophic insurance as a lot of us have to settle for, we want to create real health insurance policies. Each month our clients could pay a fixed rate in order to receive discounts and special benefits. This could include, naturopath visits, testing at regular intervals, discounts on our products and more. Everything you need to stay on top of optimizing your health and keeping yourself out of the clutches of hospitals and tradition western medicine clutches.

     Maybe you would get a discount on your local gym membership, access to health consultations via zoom regularly. We have observed the tightly knit unit that is the current medical establishment. From schools, hospitals, emergency care, doctors, nurses, pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies, we realized the connective tissue of this pipeline was really the insurance. 


  The fact that the coverage created a seamless flow from one to the next without accruing as much cost as it would otherwise. They also create a network of referral which also helps to further integrate all the different health care services they render. The concept is great, the application not as much. Unfortunately it has drive prices sky high as companies and doctors take advantage of the fact the insurance companies carry the final burden and no individual usually sees the final price.

     Even worse is that they don’t offer very much insensitive or coverage for preventative medicine or care, maybe a colonoscopy here and there. But if they actually find something during the colonoscopy they either cut it right out or give you immunosuppressants, both of which come with significant downsides they don’t tell you about, typical western medicine. 

     Instead of getting a once in a while checkup with a finger on the nuclear launch button at the first sign of trouble, we would love to allow people to buy into an alternative. So please join us on this journey, help us help you buy enjoying our current product line. The more we can make from our offering, the more we can put towards helping to address this major health crisis we are only beginning to see the results of. 

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