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Free Shipping on all Orders over $50+.
No free shipping for “Vape” items.
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What makes our Vape Cartridges Special

The Problems with CBD Vape Cartridges

CBD tends to precipitate from solutions at above 40% concentration. This made it very hard to create high potency vape cartridges. Most companies settled for making very weak cartridges 250mg or even 50mg per gram cart, we would never allow such a thing. From the beginning we were producing 50% CBD vape cartridges.

crystallized vape cartridge

But we were plagued with crystalizing issues. The CBD would form beautiful crystals while terpenes and other naturally thin oils would leak out. We struggled with this for a long time as does the entire industry. We never settled and continued to experiment.

We studied the properties of various cannabinoids. Through this R&D we developed a complex matrix of cannabinoids which together hold in a very thick oil form without separating. This stability comes from a complete oil not missing any components in a natural state with proper balance. 

It All Starts with the Best Distillates

premium co2 extract for vape carts

We partnered with a Co2 extractor that can extract the precise cannabinoids we require for the perfect vape cartridge. After 4 long years of research and development we have learned what cannabinoids work together to create stability. This physical stability also creates a more desirable effect. This is how we are able to achieve 90% cannabinoid Concentration. 

Our perfect balance of acidic and neutral forms of cannabinoids creates a stable matrix within the oil needed for a vape cartridge. We can combine this base extract with various distillates of CBN, CBG, CBC to create of fantastic cannabinoid blends you love. Certain cannabinoids have crystal structures which may throw off this balance, such as CBG. Cannabigerol loves to crystallize and is difficult if not impossible to get above 30% unless paired with very stable cannabinoids that bind it in place. We have taken the time to understand the minute characteristics of these oils and that is how we have come to craft the finest vape cartridges on the market. 

The Highest Quality Terpenes

premium terpene blends

We source the highest quality terpenes. It might be much more expensive but it makes a huge difference and allows us to use a smaller percentage of them in our cartridges. Using less terpenes makes our cartridges more smooth. 

Terpenes are caustic and can be harsh if used in excessive quantities. They will burn your throat, clean your floors and work well as a solvent. Despite the current terpene craze it is still wise to be prudent with their use. We utilize terpenes to pair with specific cannabinoid ratios in order to help drive the desired effects. Terpenes are often made out to be the sole driving factor of a strain or products effects. We think that is totally overblown and terpenes are maybe 15% of the experience. But when paired with the proper cannabinoids, the main driver of effect, terpenes can be harness to multiply those effects dramatically. They key is the synergy between all these components and not over relying on one or another. 

A Little Creativity

CBN, CBG, CBC, THCv, THC, CBL Cannabinoids, Hemp

We are cannabis users, connoisseurs, and avid experimenters. Whenever we hear of a new cannabinoid coming available we scour the country to find extractors producing the best. We try countless samples, throwing away many in disgust, and setting some aside that we like. We know what to look for in a well extracted concentrate.

We try these cannabinoids alone, we mix them with other cannabinoids and take notes. Slowly we develop the best pairings of cannabinoids. Sometimes we wake up in the middle of the night with a new combination idea we can’t wait to try the next day. We will do small batches and let our friends, family and regular customers at our brick and mortar location try them and gather their reports. Through this we develop our and fan favorites and figure out the best uses for these cannabinoid ratios. Maybe someday we will even start offering beta-testing cartridges to our family online here, if that is something you would be interested in participating in shoot us an email here

Finally the Best Possible Hardware

We use the highest quality cartridges so you get a strong hit every time. Ccell technology has been a longstanding staple of quality in the vape cartridge industry. We chose wood tips because it’s the most sustainable and best feeling on the lips. We love the wood tips and so do all of our customers. We think it is much more comfortable to put on your lips than steel, plastic or even ceramic and it even ads a nice natural flavor too. We stop at nothing to provide the most premium vaping experience possible. At The Remedy we are constantly striving for improvement. If you have any ideas please never hesitate to shoot us an email and we will take it into consideration, the Relief cartridge was made from a loyal customers suggestion!

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