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Free Shipping on all Orders over $50+.
No free shipping for “Vape” items.

Why I Hate Organic

Organic vs Certified Organic

     First I would like to say, I think organic is important, I certainly don’t want pesticides or any chemicals around my flower. But using organic is not a strong selling point either, it is a basic requirement to sit at the table. Every hemp grow is supposed to be tested by law, so if you are legally allowed to be selling it, it has been tested. Those tests have panels for heavy metals and pesticides. This doesn’t make it special or particularly beneficial over any other, only that there is next to none of the things you DON’T want. There are plenty of organic products out there that are not certified but may be higher quality or more pure. Some farms are inhibited by the high costs and bureaucratic hoops they need to jump through.

     Now the USDA is giving out organic certifications to hemp farms. However, this does not mean much. They do a little assessment, so it is well known you are basically just paying them off for a certification. It really doesn’t impress me at all, and it’s working at all the wrong things. Creating the appearance of value, but in reality only a small bit of what creates quality. It’s a classic marketing trick, cast doubt on other brands.

Bottom Line

     I understand there are unscrupulous brands out there being made by people who do not know what they are doing. But the focus should be on why specifically your product is superior to any other, and something real, not just words. To make something different it has to be different. You need to be creative, it is all about adding value. Don’t fall for the gimmicky buzz words.

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