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Free Shipping on all Orders over $50+.
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Your dispensary is lying

Your Dispensary is Lying to You


Firstly I want to preface this by expressing I do not think your dispensary has ill intent, nor do I think this is some conspiracy. What I’m about to describe was more developed out of laziness and convenience. Pharmacists in dispensaries are limited by their own systems supply, are often told things that are incorrect or otherwise buy into existing paradigms of cannabis information which are oversimplified and incomplete. I would rather give people a peak behind the curtain at real nuanced information and let them learn and decide for themselves how best to utilize cannabis and cannabinoids. 

Indica and Sativa barely exist anymore

Indica and Sativa cannot be discerned by any object scientific methods. In fact even our subjective means for distinguishing the two are often contradictory to the metrics we attempt to pigeonhole these categories into, as in the example below. Even if there was once a great divide between these two types of cannabis they have been so interbred now that finding a heirloom strain is rare especially in a dispensary. 

“For example we found that Jamaican Lambs Bread (100% reported Csativa) was nearly identical (IBS = 0.98) to a reported 100% Cindica strain from Afghanistan”

But instead of making that clear to users in medical programs and instead equipping users with skills to make their own determinations they label each bottle with smug confidence. This I find to be an egregious insult. They have a tester, someone who tries the strains and determines by their own subjective experience to call it indica or sativa. Even that is not a huge problem if was done in the open and approved of by users, but it is not. This brings up something I find highly problematic, glossing over details in order to remain an authority. Doctors do the same thing all the time, “take this three times a day,” even though maybe there is no actual need and you should be able to determine that for yourself. It is much easier to give someone a simple and objective answer than it is to try and explain nuance and let someone know there is a certain amount they are going to have to figure out on their own. People really want straight answers and it is hard to talk them down from their expectations. At The Remedy we try and empower users to learn how to experiment on themselves. We want users to find what works best through them by starting slow, tweaking things one variable at a time, and not making any assumptions. We can tell you what most people experience from a product, and tell you what some outliers find the effects to be, but in the end it is your experience and you have to see for yourself.

THC Disrupts Sleep Quality

This one really cannot be said with enough emphasis. We have countless customers who suffer from poor sleep quality, it is a widespread issue and there are no easy answers or shortcuts. Most things people use are actually detrimental to sleep quality. Sleep aids might decrease ‘sleep latency,’ the time it takes for us to actually fall asleep, but then disrupt our most critical sleep cycles REM and deep sleep. These two sleep cycles are where our memory compiles and our body heals, very important, and skipping them feels like you did not sleep at all upon awakening. THC can prematurely halt REM sleep which could explain why users often report they stop dreaming when using cannabis. Users often have very vivid dreams once they cease their use, further supporting the theory that REM is disrupted.  

“Preliminary research into cannabis and insomnia suggests that cannabidiol (CBD) may have therapeutic potential for the treatment of insomnia. Delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) may decrease sleep latency but could impair sleep quality long-term”

People turn to cannabis for an alternative to conventional pharmaceutical medications, yet when they get it from the wrong places it comes with information which gives one the exact same experience. A short term bandaid-esque fix, something that helps you fall asleep fast, but not actually get the rest you need. Same principle issue with all pharmaceutical sleep medications that are so overprescribed today. At The Remedy we take the time to explain the nuances of cannabinoids and their relationship with sleep. For example CBN and CBD both have great research behind them for sleep. In our experience, which coincides with the research, the combination of CBD and CBN has been one of the most effective. At the dispensary they will most likely point you in the direction of a Myrcene dominant strain which they would subsequently label as an Indica. Why not just purchase Myrcene itself and use that? Terpenes are very cheap relative to cannabinoids and if they are all it takes then might as well utilize what works. Which brings me to my next point.

Terpenes are Exaggerated

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years. These volatile oils have many uses and greater potential as our research grows. But the essential oil market has for a long time overemphasized the use of these volatile oils for endless things, why? Because they produce them and they need ways to market and convince people to use them. The same issue has arose in the medical cannabis sector. Working with a limited pallet dispensaries are forced to lean on grossly exaggerated principles, things like terpenes create the varying effects of different cannabis strains. It may be a very unpopular opinion as so much of the market has bought into this hook line and sinker, but terpenes effects cannot be beyond 15% of the experience. I been formulating for about 5 years now, I have tried just about every strain profile out there. I have done many experiments regarding terpenes and from what I have seen keeping the cannabinoid profile the same but utilizing varying terpenes only moves the dial so much. For sure terpenes effect the flavor dramatically. Of course terpenes do have a noticeable effect and can make a strain more mellow or zesty and uplifting, but is it really the main driver of effect? I really think not. There are hundreds of components within cannabis and they all work together in very complex ways. 

I have found terpenes to be more effective orally, in the 50mg-100mg range. But this results in some quite flavorful burps and can upset stomachs. Certainly people were not meant to ingest large amounts of terpenes. Terpenes are caustic and can be very irritating to skin and lungs as well as stomachs. Terpenes are in fruits as well and I haven’t heard about black pepper or mangos putting anyone to sleep. Perhaps a mango before bed would be nice though. Mostly my point here is that terpenes have become a bit of an obsession for cannabis users, to what I believe is an excessive degree. If you are terpene obsessed keep a journal, document different profiles and their effects for you, don’t just believe that someone else’s experience will be your own. These are very personal things and even ephemeral effects that can vary from one moment to the next within ones own body. Mostly, don’t believe the hype, explore and learn for yourself. 

Poor Consistency

People go to the dispensary because they don’t like not knowing what they are going to get from a street dealer. They love looking at COAs and getting all the information, finding a strain they really like and works for their symptoms, and then poof, it’s gone. In Connecticut patients aren’t even allowed to go to multiple dispensaries, how does that serve the patients? Strains often sell out, people are left empty-handed and scrambling to find a similar source of relief. How is that a satisfactory alternative to the street? Why would you use a system where the product is inconsistent and you constantly have to adapt by wasting money experimenting with other strains? Flower is a very difficult thing to achieve that consistency with, which is why we really recommend tinctures or vape cartridges. Our vape cartridges maintain a consistent ratio of cannabinoids and terpenes which will leave you with the same relief every time. We are also able to achieve cannabinoid profiles which flower has not yet been able to produce. This makes vape cartridges an attractive alternative we love to promote. For a specific effect that you can count on every time, look no further. 

Vote with your Dollar

With the mass adoption of the mainstream comes greater availability of cannabis, but with that comes the quality issues of mass centralized production. Unfortunately the people only have so much control of the policy which ties the hands of medical grows and dispensaries. If anything it seems like the governments are only loosening regulations and making things easier on large companies *cough* Curaleaf* *cough* which means undermining patients. The only real way to respond, outside of writing your representatives and speaking out, is to vote with your dollar. Take your business elsewhere if you are unhappy. I hear so many complaints about dispensaries, flower, etc. But everyone keeps their money in the system and complaining. Take your money elsewhere and support businesses that are doing something different.  It is hard to find and takes some work, just like finding that new perfect strain that works for you. But there are a lot of options out there, and far greater variability. East coast dispensaries and years behind what the west coast rec and even black markets are producing. Don’t be left behind just because your medical system lacks creativity or understanding. There is no need to limit yourself when there are many great options out there among the free market. Usually the best are too busy focusing on their products to put too much into marketing so they are hard to find. The Remedy is a company forged out of dissatisfaction with the dispensary system. We feel your pain, and we are excited to say we firmly believe we have superior alternative, after these years of research and experimentation. See for yourself. 

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